Saturday, 12 March 2016

Corner Bank: 2016 World 8 Ball Championships Coming to Toronto!

By: Markus Noé

Over the last week or so I have heard rumblings of a big announcement to come out of the G.T.A (Greater Toronto Area). This is one of those times in which the rumors have turned out to be true, Today the World Pool Association announced that "The Corner Bank" pool hall in Scarborough Ontario will host the 2016 World 8 Ball Championships.

The Corner Bank has been open for just over a year now and has already established itself as one of the premium rooms in the country. It is co-owned by Canadian snooker legend John White and Jim Wych, a very accomplished player in his own right. However most of you would know Wych as the longtime commentator for Matchroom Sports events which includes the Mosconi Cup, World Cup of Pool and the World Pool Masters. Also Wych makes an annual appearance on the Accu-Stats stream during the U.S Open.

As many know in order to be credited by the W.P.A for a World Championship there needs to be at least $275,000 in the Prize Pool. Early reports state that financing for this event will be over the minimum requirement and first place is projected to be $100,000 (CAD). This is encouraging not only for Canadian pool but perhaps North America as a whole. Just going off the top of my head I do not think their has been a World Championship held in North America since the 1990's.

Details are still trickling in but this is a hard story to wait for. The event is currently scheduled to be played in mid August, this would place it about two weeks before the Turning Stone Classic traditionally. As the story develops we will have reaction from our Canadian top pros and maybe a word or two from the Canadian Billiard & Snooker Association.

For questions about the upcoming World Championship you can contact Jerry Forsyth at or Jim Wych at 


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