Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Bidding Process to Host Canadian Championships Underway!

By: Markus Noé

With the ringing in of the New Year now behind us it is time to plan out the year of pool ahead of us. The Canadian Snooker & Billiards Association  (CBSA) is now accepting bids to host both the amateur and open events for the 2018 Canadian Championships. There are currently two bids, here is a rundown of who and what they are.


Marco Sanschagrin "EvenTime Productions": Sanschagrin and his EventTime Productions team have already hosted the Canadian Championships and several successful $10,000 added Archer Cups along with the Classique Billard de Appalaches. The location is yet to be determined in this bid.

John White & Jim Wych "The Corner Bank": These two Canadian legends who run what can arguably called the premier pool room in the country, The Corner Bank in Scarborough, Ontario are also in the mix. If played here the Canadians will be played on Diamond Pro Cut 9ft tables the best tables on the market today.

If you are interested in hosting the 2018 Canadian Championships the CBSA is still accepting bids. It can be hosted anywhere in Canada all you have to do is place the winning bid! To place your bid contact any of the board members here http://proimpact.ca/cbsa/about-us/#board and they will help you with the process. Lets make pool great again!

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  1. I'm in shock that this PREMIERE event was NOT already decided before the close of last year's event.. surely an event of this proportion could have been held in the same location at least 2 years in a row in Quebec ... considering that shooters in Toronto had it exclusively for how many years in a row?? would Marco have really invested that much money in the candidness if he knew ahead that he'd have to compete with other bidders for the second year??.. considering the cost of an event this size why isn't the bid based on at least a MINIMUM of 2 years??