Thursday, 29 October 2015

U.S Open Day 5 Afternoon Update: Deuel & Bergman Last Americans Standing

Justin Bergman

By: Markus Noé

With just two days of play left it has been and will continue to be a very hectic day at the U.S Open 9 Ball Championships. Going into the day there were 8 left on the winner side of the bracket. Players already on the losers side had to mentally prepare to play up to six matches today if they wanted to keep their hopes alive.

Shane VanBoening 
Corey Deuel who has been on the losers side since his second round lost to Ko Ping Chung, was in for a tough to start to the day. He had to deal with Shane Van Boening who was sent to the losers side earlier by Justin Bergman. Deuel lead most of the way in this match with SVB making a small charge at the end. The reigning 3 time U.S. Open Champion ended up calling a foul on himself which cost him the match as Deuel ran out for the win. Apparently the foul was with the rake which no one but SVB was aware of. I think we should all pause here and not only congratulate Deuel on a great win but to celebrate what SVB has given us these past years. Up until his match with Bergman I am almost certain he had not lost a set in three years at this event on his way to making history to become the first ever three-peat champion.

He has dazzled crowds with his intensity, consistency and sportsmanship and will continue to do so for many years. However to have completely dominated a major championship like he has is a feat that even myself at 29 will probably never see again. So to SVB we should all say thank you and good show.

Moving on, Deuel's draw did not get any easier as he was up against this years China Open winner Albin Ouschan. He was able to pull off another hard fought victory 11-6 and then made a big comeback against the fierce Filipino Carlo Biado gutting out an 11-10 win. He will play Ralf Souquet later on tonight, who was on a charge on the winners side until he lost to Hsu Kai-Lun 11-7.

The other American left standing Justin Bergman is really making a statement in this event. He suffered his only loss to date to Y H Cheng 11-10 This match was reportedly played at a very high level with both players breaking and running 4 tables each twice in the match. Therefore it was no surprise to see him go on today to win his only losers side match so far 11-6. Morris was on a charge of his own with an impressive 11-10 comeback against Francisco Felicilda. Less than an hour later he was stuck 7-0 to Bergman, so goes the battle in ball at times.
Jayson Shaw 
On the winners side Karl Boyes and Jayson Shaw will face off at 9:00 pm to decide who goes on to the final three tomorrow. This will be streamed live on the Accu-Stats stream make sure you go to their website and buy the pass. Bergman's match will be played tonight at 7:30, he will be attempting to keep his U.S. Open dream alive against the very game Liu Haitao. Make sure to check back with Cue Sport Nation for all your U.S. Open updates. For bracket updates and live score please visit 

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