Sunday, 12 July 2015

Kelly Fisher Signs with Xingjue Billiard Table

Photo courtesy of Alison Chang 
By: Alison Chang 
World Champion Kelly Fisher is proud to announce that she has just signed a new sponsorship deal with the Xingjue Billiard Table Company.
Xingjue Billiard Table is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Kelly Fisher was invited by the President of Xingjue Mr. Jiang Guohui to visit their factory in Shenzhen on July 10.
Before The visit, Kelly had some knowledge about Xingjue company. She knew Xingjue’s sale record is around 500 per month and 6000 annualized and their well-known product goes to thousands of pool houses .
The fan meeting conference was held in the pool house, Dayu Billiard City, and in front of a huge groups of fans, Kelly Fisher and Xingjue signed the contract. It was a historical moment for the Xingjue Company, as the owner Mr. Jiang Guohui expressed gratitude. He looked forward to having both parties move to a higher level, fight together and achieve more.

Photo courtesy of Alison Chang 

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