Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bigfoot Challenge Evening Results

By: Markus Noé

The evening session started with with a battle of two of the greatest American players of all time, Shane Van Boening vs. Johnny "The Scorpion" Archer. The Scorpion was a slight underdog in this match against the world number one, who overall travels and plays a lot more at the moment.

This match was close early on then much like the Morra match from this afternoon one player began to pull away. It was Van Boening who pulled away in this one having multiple 3 and 4 game leads. Archer who was struggling with his position play early on this match, began to turn it around late and after being 8-4 down, pulled within two late in the set 9-7. However it was not to be as Van Boening was able to close out the match 11-8 in the end.

The next match was Canadian Jason Klatt up against Rubén Bautista of Mexico. Strong safety play and some big shots early by Bautista kept it close in the beginning. At 4-4 Klatt began to pull away with some strong play, this combined with some errors by Bautista allowed Klatt to run away with this match 11-5.

Tomorrows matches have not been giving time slots as of yet but they can be found at There will be some interesting match-ups as two Canadians and friends Alex Pagulayan and John Morra will face off, Jason Klatt will be playing Shane Van Boening. Mika Immonen will face Dennis Orcollo, and the other two Filipinos in the Bigfoot Challenge Jefferey Ignacio and Lee Van Corteza will face off. If you are interested in purchasing a pass for tomorrow go to the Accu-Stats website for more information. Check back daily here at Cue Sport Nation for updates.

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