Friday, 21 November 2014

Results From $500 Entry Semi-Pro in Dolbeau

 By: Markus Noé

16 players showed up last weekend at L'Hotel Motel Maison Blanche in Dolbeau Quebec for the $500 entry semi-pro tournament. Many of the players and fans who showed up for this event came from Montreal which is about a 5.5 hour hike north, the other group of players and fans came from the Quebec City region. Recently in the U.S these types of high entry limited field tournaments have been on the rise for on barbox, however this event was 10 ball and played on a 9ft table.

Maison Blanche started putting on these tournaments a few years ago and they have become very popular amongst the Quebec players. This particular prize pool was $9000 with the hotel adding $1000 and giving a free room to all the participants. There was also a substainal calucutta and gambling going on during each match between the railbirds, I was told the average bets were between $200 - $300.

The action climaxed mid way through the tournament when Daniel Gagné and David Deschene met up. It was reported that this match had up to $1000 dollars of side action on the line. This was such a thrilling match they ended up replaying it on Poolstreamtv, who was there all weekend streaming the entire event. Gagné went on to win that match 11-10 then beat Pat Desbiens 11-9 before losing to Jeff Bérubé, finishing just out of the money.

The story of this tournament was Stephane Adam who was actually ranked a profressional in his mid teens. However after taking several years off and just getting back into the swing of things he was allowed to partake in this event. Showing that he has not missed a beat he cruised to the final undefeated, notably beating Alain Parent 11-7, who has been on a tear of late including a high finish at Turning Stone Classic beating Jayson Shaw and Hudji See.

Bérubé who lost to Alain Parent on the winners side, came back to win two matches on the losers side against Daniel Gagné 11-9 and Johnathan Hébert 11-8. This earned him a rematch in the losers side final against Parent, which Bérubé won 11-7 to meet Adam in the final.

Stéphane Adam photo from Poolstreamtv Facebook Page
The final was an extended race to 13-6 in which Adam continued to show his dominance winning 13-6 to claim the $4000 first place prize. There is no confirmed dates yet but there is talk to have a similar event in the spring. Thank you to Alain Parent who filled me in on all the details necessary to make this update possible.


Stéphane Adam-$4000

Jeff Bérubé -$2500

Alain Parent-$1500

Johnathan Hebert-$750

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